5 more ways to make your clothes look more expensive

Ready to upgrade the look of your wardrobe without spending a penny more? Our tips will fast-track you to a more expensive-looking style!

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Invest in a steamer

Wrinkled clothing always looks shoddy, but ironing isn’t anyone’s idea of fun. Many synthetic fabrics are also resistant to ironing, but a steamer will work wonders. In just a couple of minutes, it will blast away those pesky lines and crumples. One good approach to steaming a piece of clothing before it needs washing is to steam it after wearing and hang it up in a room with the windows left open. Do this overnight, and the cool night air will freshen the item and leave it looking perfect for the following day.

Stay simple

When you buy cheap clothes, choose simple items as your foundation basis. Embellishments, distressed denim and pleats all need to be done in a high-quality way to avoid looking cheap. If you can simplify your look overall, it will instantly be more elegant. Coco Chanel always recommended removing one piece of jewellery before leaving the house, and she was certainly a designer in the know!

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Invest wisely

If you are going to invest in something eye-catching, that’s your piece to spend money on. That’s because everyone will be looking at it. Many people spend money on the subtle and foundation pieces that cheaper brands can do just as well – and that no one is actually looking at! If you’re considering maxi dresses, visit AX Paris for a wide range of the latest maxi dresses and combine them with a really good piece of jewellery or a statement bag.

Forget brown – choose black

Earthy, warm shades such as olive, browns and mauve can look dull and dingy when they are used in low-quality fabrics and cheap prints. Choose monochromes and colour pops that look crisp and true. Deep jewel shades, bold pastel shades and primaries can all work well in this way.

Remember your foundation

Your clothes will always look less expensive if you don’t have the right underwear. For a cheap fabric, wear a slip and shaper underwear. This will avoid drags, bumps and sticking clothes and ensure that the piece fits as it should.

Get these tips in place, and you’ll be amazed how much better you look!