A Short History of the Ceiling Rose

This is possibly not the first thing you would consider when decorating a room or having a new light fitting installed. However, this design feature can have a surprisingly large impact and really complement your overall theme.

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What Are Ceiling Roses?

In their most simple form they can simply be seen as a decorative element. However, what is not usually considered is their essential practical function.

Most people will have seen the huge ornate versions in grand stately homes and may have thought that they were simply part of the room design. While that is partially correct, what is not often realised is that they were originally added to a room to protect the ceiling from the soot or heat marks caused by the gas or candle lights used many years ago. This meant that when the marks got too bad the rose itself could be painted rather than the whole ceiling, saving considerable time and cost.

Modern options also fulfil this combination of design and function. Whilst most people no longer need or want the huge plaster roses on their ceilings, if you have a ceiling light you will still need a junction box for the power feed, pendant flex and switch wiring. Whichever option you choose it must be installed to BS7671 IET Wiring Regulations. Sourcing your rose from a reputable UK supplier will ensure that this can be easily achieved.

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Choosing the right option will mean easy and safe installation for your electrician and a design feature that complements both your chosen light fitting and your room decor.

Modern Options

Modern electrical rose options come in a variety of styles, finishes, colours, shapes, sizes and materials. They accommodate one, two or several lights and can be selected to either match the light fitting, the room decor or tone, or to provide a keynote contrast.

Selecting the right material and finish will ensure that the ambience you are trying to create for your environment will be matched. There are many options to choose from, as can be seen at https://www.creative-cables.co.uk/2648-ceiling-roses.

You might choose a porcelain, ceramic or wood option for a more traditional, country, shabby chic or romantic atmosphere. If you prefer a more minimal or informal vibe, then metal or silicone, perhaps in a stylish contrast colour, usually work well.