Amazing experiments in the world right now

Have you ever wondered what the most ambitious and impressive science experiments are that are happening right now?

  1. Neptune – the world’s biggest undersea observatory

We know more about the moon than our own seas and considering oceans cover three quarters of the planet and supply 90% of life on earth, it’s no surprise that we want to know more. Neptune consists of over 500 miles of cables, 130 instruments including 400 sensors and all of it connected to the internet. This will help to give us the biggest, around the clock look at an entire ocean system in real time.

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  1. The Very Large Array

Covering hundreds of square miles in the New Mexico desert is the VLA, one of the biggest telescopes on earth. It can gather information from some of the brightest objects in the universe with its 27 individual antennas, each one with a diameter of 82 feet. It can provide information from close objects like the moon, as well as the very edge of the observable universe. When a lab requires Lab Relocation Services, visit a site like

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  1. The National Ignition Facility

Located in California, this facility is home to a massive laser fusion experiment. The world’s largest laser can create 2 000 000 joules of UV energy in a building that stretches the length of 3 football fields and is 10 storeys high. The laser blast can reach temperatures of over 100 million degrees and the pressure released equals that found in the cores of giant gas planets and stars.