Are you saving enough for home repairs?

In times when the returns on savings are barely better than just burying our cash in the garden, fewer people are inclined to save regularly. Instead, the place where we invest the bulk of our assets is into the bricks and mortar of our homes. While interest rates have steadily fallen, property values have steadily risen, proving the investment to be a wise one.

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To protect an investment in property, good maintenance is essential. So whether we put a little away in the bank or buy some Premium Bonds instead, the important thing is to have a contingency fund. Studies suggest that the amount most householders should expect to spend in vital property maintenance in an average year is 1-2% of the building’s market value. This means for an average property valued around £220,000, at least £2,200 should be banked each year.

Budget wisely

Few householders regularly save enough to reach that minimum 1% target, leaving them in financial straits when essential maintenance becomes necessary. The average shortfall is at least 33%, but in many cases, it can be much greater, so householders are advised to calculate the likely maintenance needs of their property early. Advice on doing this can be found at

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Don’t let the roof fall in

Surveys show that the biggest worry for most homeowners is the roof. This makes sense because the difficulty of working on roofs often adds to the cost, and because roof problems often cannot be postponed. Small cracks can let in surprising amounts of water and the damage may appear many feet away from the point of entry. If your roof is not watertight, further damage to your internal timbers, plaster, ceilings, electrics and décor are all likely, so swift attention is important.

Good roofing companies will call promptly to carry out a free inspection and provide estimates for remedial works. A reliable roofing repair company in Worcester is, serving Hereford too.

Make the most of your tradesmen

It’s a false economy to do one job at a time, especially when they involve working at height. With better budgeting, you can afford to have gutters, downpipes, bargeboards and pointing all dealt with while the scaffolding, ladders and tradesmen are already in place. The long-term savings will be considerable, and the peace of mind worth every penny.