Brilliant bathroom trends for 2017

Refitting or remodelling a bathroom has a whole host of benefits, from adding value to your home to improving energy efficiency to allowing you to wallow in luxury. If you are planning to refurbish your bathroom in the near future, here is a helpful list of the most brilliant trends for 2017.

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The massive popularity of costume dramas on TV has seen a growing trend toward historically themed bathrooms. The key is to pick a period and stick with its style. With a great range of reproduction fittings available, it’s easy focus on the style that you want, whether it’s 1930s Art Deco or classic Victorian baths. If you are conscious of your carbon footprint, there is even the opportunity to recycle or refurbish genuine vintage fittings. A vintage style bathroom can be the perfect way to create a beautiful house.


One emerging trend in bathrooms is for sleek and glossy finishes, with shimmering surfaces and lights that create a fairy tale feel. Finished with mirrors and glass, this trend accentuates space and uses materials like tile and glass that are perfect for a bathroom.

Of course, if pure luxury is your thing, lacquered glosses and quarried marble can give your bathroom an exclusive feel. There is also a stunning array of claddings and materials that can suit any pocket but still look fabulous. If you are on a strict budget, choose book-matched marble and glass or Perspex when you are remodelling your bathroom for the sleek look at a great price.

Au Naturel

Another popular emerging trend is for natural-looking bathrooms. This is typified by natural materials and colours, thick luxurious textures, and materials such as stone and finished wood. It is the feel of the material that is everything in au naturel style. This can make cork a wonderful material for floors, with its water-resistant and antibacterial properties and soft comfortable feel to walk on.

Showers and Wetrooms

Wetrooms are common around the world, and they are growing in popularity in British homes. With tiled surfaces and minimalist showers and fittings, they are easy to keep clean and the tiles are hard-wearing. Wetrooms are not simply for functionality. Modern wetrooms and showers can look absolutely stunning if designed well, and they will really complement any home design.