Choosing chillers and bottle coolers: a publican’s perspective

Every pub is completely different with regard to style and clientele; however, no matter what type of establishment you run, from a quaint village pub to a popular sports bar, it is likely that you will serve a selection of drinks that need to be chilled.

Choosing chillers and bottle coolers

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According to the British Beer and Pub Association, British pubs offer a lot to our society and are a major attraction for tourists. They are at the heart of communities and provide a sanctuary for people to socialise and relax, meaning that the choice of equipment within is essential to their success.

There are many different commercial bottle coolers available, with sizes varying depending upon the quantity of bottles to be stored and the size of these bottles. To ensure you select the right fridge for your needs, there are number of factors to take into considerations.


How much space do you have? Companies such as offer a selection of sliding door and hinged fridge options. Your style preference may have to play a secondary role to your space requirements, with sliding door versions proving the most popular due to their compact design.

Glass display

Opting for a glass display rather than closed cabinet style allows staff to quickly and easily see what stock needs to be replenished and allows your customers to see your selection without having to ask.

Adjustable shelving

Even if your requirements are only for stocking alcopops or bottled beer, you never know what you may end up serving in the years to come. To save money on potential future investments in larger fridges, opt for a cooler with adjustable shelving so that you can fit a variety of bottles within.

Temperature cooler

As confirmed by the European Beer Guide, most lagers should be served at a temperature between 4-6°C. As a customer, there is nothing worse than being served a warm beer on a hot summer’s day. Opt for a built in temperature control to ensure your stock is kept at its optimum serving temperature.

As an essential piece of equipment for any pub or club, choosing the right fridge for your establishment could not be easier. With the vast selection of fridges on offer, you will be spoilt for choice.