Design a Custom Made Child’s Playhouse in 5 Simple Steps

Designing a custom made child’s playhouse for your kids is the perfect way to show them how much you care. This playhouse can be given as a gift for a special occasion or simply as a surprise that they are not expecting. Designing and building the playhouse can be very exciting, especially when you think about just how much fun your little ones will have once they are able to play in it. Let your creativity run wild and decorate the playhouse accordingly for your little boy or girl to make all of their dreams come true. These 5 simple steps make designing a custom child’s playhouse easy.

1. Sketch the Playhouse – One of the most important steps in the design process for your custom child’s playhouse is to come up with a sketch that will determine exactly how the play structure will look and function. Sketch out the shape of the house complete with doors, windows, a roof, walls and other details such as the height of the house, the number of floors that it will have and where the stairs will be located if needed.

2. Pick a Location – Before you begin building, you will need to select a location that works for the playhouse. Typically, it should be built on a flat area of land so that it is sturdy and not lopsided. You will also need to choose your building materials depending on the location and typical weather conditions. For example, outdoor playhouses will need weather resistant material while nearly any material can be used for indoor structures.

3. Start Building – Start building your playhouse from the ground up. Refer to your sketch as needed to determine exactly how the playhouse should look and that you are placing doors and windows in the right locations. Be sure to secure all walls and flooring effectively. During the building process, you may need to decide on various material options such as carpeting. If carpet will be used, select one that can easily be cleaned and that is resistant to mold in the event that it becomes wet or damp. You will also need to choose a durable material that will be used for the roof. Shingles or wood are excellent options for outdoor playhouses.

4. Paint – After the playhouse is built, customize it to fit your child’s personality by painting it their favorite colors. This could be solid color, multiple colors or even patterns that they are sure to love.

5. Add Little Details – Little details say a lot about the effort that was put into the custom-made child’s playhouse. Take your child’s interests to heart by adding minor details such as flower boxes, wall decals and other things that they will enjoy in their new little home.