Do You Have a Salvage Fortune Lurking in Your Loft?

You know the saying; one man’s trash is another man’s treasure and that’s certainly the case for Drew Pritchard. Salvage Hunters, his TV show, is proof that there are many treasures out there waiting to be discovered.

Do You Have a Salvage Fortune Lurking in Your Loft

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Uncovering Treasures

Pritchard has been on a treasure hunt since he was 15, looking everywhere from junk shops to expansive country mansions. His process is very organic, knowing instantly whether something he sees is something he can work with or not.

A little tour of Pritchard’s own home published on Homes and Antiques, gives a little insight into his eclectic yet refined style. A visit to a salvage company may lead you to stumble across some treasure of your own. You certainly don’t have to start hanging bits of old fairground rides on your walls if you don’t want to, but you may find the perfect lamp for a side table, or an elegant chair that would add a quirky touch to a living room.

The Perfect Match

Pritchard explains that the secret is simply matching an object with the right buyer. Something may be sitting in a junkshop with a £5 price tag, but the right buyer may be willing to pay much more. So if you have anything from a rusty lamp to a gargoyle that just seems to be collecting dust, bringing in an architectural salvage company to have a look might mean you’ll end up with some unexpected cash.

The show’s popularity means that Pritchard is now actively encouraging the next generation to get involved with salvage hunting. He is heartened by the interest in antiques and often ends up buying things brought to him by particularly passionate and eager youngsters, even if it means he ends up with something he hadn’t really intended to purchase.

Whether you’re interested in buying a unique piece or think you have something that might interest a dealer, when employing the services of businesses like architectural salvage company Period Homes, townhouses, country homes and everything in between may benefit. Pritchard travels all over the country saving pieces that otherwise may have ended up on a bonfire or the scrapheap.

If you’re currently questioning what’s currently sitting up in your loft, don’t worry you’re not alone. There might be a fortune up there!