Do you live in one of the UK’s most pest infested areas?

When it comes to pests and vermin, nobody wants to face up to the possibility of tackling an infestation. Rats, wasps, ants, cockroaches and pigeons are among the top pests which plague the UK, though they are more prevalent in some cities than others. Below are the top five cities you should avoid if you don’t want a pesky problem on your hands!

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From a survey performed across 2013-2014 by the British Pest Control Association, Newcastle was reported as having the highest number of professionals called out to deal with a pest problem, with 5% of the local residents being forced to seek help.

Whilst Newcastle doesn’t have a particular pest plaguing the city, there are reports of the full range of critters, from mice to roaches, hassling the locals.

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City of London

Coming in at a close second, of London’s population, 4.9% reported having a pest problem. Fortunately for the residents, there are several companies out there providing vital services to eliminate pest issues. Pigeons, for example, are particular pests in London, causing irreversible damage to properties over time.

The good news is there is plenty of help available in such well-populated areas. Companies provide services and preventative equipment to implement pigeon control, so you don’t need to worry about your property any longer!


The Merseyside borough came third in the list of the most infested areas, with 3.9% of residents reporting a pest issue in their household. Rats are a particular issue here, with residents speculating this may be down to the frequency of bin collections –


This south London area is a hot spot for creepy crawlies! With over 1,000 cases of cockroaches, bedbugs, and over 5,000 cases of mice, the district certainly has a pest problem.

North Lanarkshire Council

Looking far further North, this Scottish council area borders Glasgow and reports large numbers of uninvited insect residents. From ants, to earwigs, to woodlice, North Lanarkshire definitely sees its fair share of pests.

The good news is more and more pest control services are springing up across the country to tackle these infestations. Remember, if you’re experiencing an issue, get in touch with your local pest control services and prevent it before it can spread any further.