Ever Considered High Security Team Truck Driving?

To many the idea of truck driving being exciting may be surprising. For sure, at the lowest level it is a pretty mundane occupation, but if the cargo to be carried is dangerous or of high value, suddenly the task of safely moving it from A to B takes on excitement worthy of James Bond.

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The Rules

In Britain, the government sets very strict rules for how road transport is organised and it would be a good idea to get a hang of how these affect movement of dangerous cargos. Some substances are not permitted to be transported by road at all because they are so hazardous. The categories of dangerous materials that can be road moved are broken down in detail, and requirements for packaging, safe storage, documentation, and other procedures are all specified.

The Driving Team

High value as well as dangerous cargos require a special kind of elite drivers. These highly experienced, trained, and skilful individuals work together in teams. Often there are special requirements – the truck must always have a driver at the wheel, often it is not allowed to stop except in emergency, armed escorts are sometimes needed, and often the journeys are long and arduous.

The Benefits

If all this sounds quite challenging, it is natural that the benefits of such jobs are considerable. High wages and good benefits packages reward the expertise, while the pride of driving superb vehicles and safely delivering high profile cargos is considerable.

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Of course, with such cargos, security is a prime issue. Sometimes armed guards will travel with the truck, because of the high risk involved. There are usually at least two drivers in the cab, and for some loads truck camera systems such as those provided by http://www.backwatch.co.uk/ can be helpful.

Is This the Job for You?

If you have a few years’ experience, and you think this challenge might be something you could take on, there is no point in waiting for jobs like these to be advertised. They are much sought after and, obviously, because of the nature of the work, tend to keep a fairly low profile. There are agencies out there which specialise in this kind of work. Make yourself known to them, and who knows!