Five reasons to use hydraulic winches

If you are considering using hydraulic winches over electric ones, here are five convincing reasons for making this decision.

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Increased power

Hydraulic winches tend to be more powerful than their electric counterparts. An electric winch can’t keep up with the direct power provided by a hydraulic pump; what’s more, hydraulic winches can provide a consistent and constant pull, even when the load on them varies in weight.

Reduced weight

It is quite often the case that the more powerful the machinery, the more it tends to weigh. This is not the case with hydraulic winches; in fact, although they are considered more powerful than electric ones, they tend to weigh less. There is an added benefit from this – hydraulic winches place less strain on their components.

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Will not overheat

The beauty of choosing a hydraulic winch over an electric one is that it will not overheat. Electric winches need to cool down after a period of time to prevent overheating, which can mean downtime for the machinery. Keeping machinery out of action can be costly and inconvenient for a business. Hydraulic winches, which are available from specialists such as, are not liable to overheat and can be used continuously.

No reliance on batteries

You need batteries to operate an electric winch, which means you will need to ensure these are charged and ready for action to enable the winch to operate. Batteries may also be costly and environmentally unfriendly to dispose of. With a hydraulic winch, no batteries are required, making this a more convenient option; what’s more, should an electric winch stop working, it is more time-consuming to fix than a hydraulic one. An electric winch requires the skills of an electrician, specialist tools and a stable environment; on the other hand, a hydraulic one can be repaired by hand by anyone with some basic tools. Such winches can even be fixed when they are placed on water.

Improved safety

Hydraulic winches tend to be safer than electric ones. This is because electric winches may experience motor stalls, which can pose a safety risk from the pressure that is placed on the wire cables if they are lifted. As this is not a feature of hydraulic options, there is less of a safety threat for you to worry about.