Furnish your home Scandinavian style on a budget

The Scandinavian style has become mainstream, whether watching Wallander or the cosy concept of hygge. If you mention Scandinavian style, it is easy to conjure up a picture of rooms that balance clean, minimalist furniture with warmth, light and lots of natural wood. How can you bring style into your home on a budget?

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The style

At the heart of this look is bringing the outdoors inside by using natural wood and rustic design. Fabrics should be bright, with folksy florals or plain colours that warm a space on the coldest of days. Using light well, choosing paler woods and stark white furniture and linens all help to create this look.

In the kitchen

Choose simple white cabinets and worktops, paired with bright white stools or a table and chairs. Bring in the warmth with wood where you can, perhaps through chopping boards, rustic candle holders and a wooden fruit bowl. The important thing is to keep it relatively uncluttered, but not minimalist sparse – you don’t want to lose the sense of cosiness that defines a Scandinavian home.

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In the bathroom

The good news for your bathroom is that the Scandinavian style works well with that staple of British bathrooms – white units. Pair these with wood fittings and brightly-coloured towels and you are most of the way there. When dressing your windows, wood and fabric tend to attract mould; instead, opt for bright or folksy waterproof roller blinds from companies such as http://www.ucblinds.co.uk/PVC-Waterproof-Roller-Blinds.

In the bedroom

The bedroom is the perfect place to create a sense of hygge. As the BBC explains (Authority url: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/magazine-34345791), hygge translates as cosiness and is the answer to long, dark and cold winters. Hygge can mean a soft blanket, gentle candlelight, hot chocolate and a good book – or anything that helps you to relax and feel nourished. Lighting is a great way to do this on a budget; for example, tealights in clusters can create warmth and gentle light in one go. Don’t forget plush pillows in bright colours and the all-important wood – if your budget is tight, look on Pinterest to see what can be done with an upcycled pallet!

The Scandinavian style is an accessible one, as it is more about taking on board the spirit than specific objects. Use your creativity and you can make hygge wherever you are.