Hot underwear trends to incorporate this autumn

You may believe that shapewear, knickers and bras remain the same regardless of the time of year; however, you would be wrong. Just like all other types of fashion, underwear goes through trends each season. As autumn approaches, so do new fashions in ladies’ underwear.

Hot underwear trends to incorporate this autumn

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This does not mean you are going to see someone wearing the latest Prima Donna Deauville bra over the top of their clothes; instead, it means there is a whole host of sexy new sports bras, stylish shapewear and bodices available. Here are just some of the trends you will start to see appearing in shops soon.

High-waist knickers

The fashion industry is constantly influenced by retro trends and this is also the case with underwear. This season you can expect to see high-waisted vintage looks that will help to bring a different type of style to your wardrobe. With elegant, lacy choices on offer, this high-waisted style can look sensual and elegant. There is also shapewear on offer that can help you to achieve that sought-after 50s hourglass waistline whilst providing you with a little more support.

Pert bras

Recent research suggests that many women are not happy with how their breasts look, with many wanting to achieve a perky, youthful look as opposed to the big-bosomed look sought after in the 90s.

To cater to this demand, many companies have introduced bras that present a more natural, pert look. Products such as the Prima Donna Deauville bra are great examples of a full cup bra that helps women to achieve this.

Sassy shapewear

Shapewear is great for helping you to achieve a gorgeous figure, providing maximum support and helping you to feel great. This does not have to mean large pants that your granny would wear; instead, shapewear has been given a sexy twist with mesh inserts, floral details and lace panelling.

Sexy sports bras

Even if you are not intending on working out, there is some great activewear available. With ribbon details, bright hues, abstract prints and mesh panels, your sports bra can be brought to life and no longer needs to look frumpy, dull and grey. Many of these influences, such as the strap detailing and mesh, have also been introduced into a number of other bra styles, creating gorgeous, understated designs that are bang on trend.