How to choose a CMS platform for business growth

Your CMS is at the heart of your marketing campaign. Despite great content, your CMS will not have the impact it deserves if it cannot display correctly.

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Inefficient contracting continues to cost businesses between five per cent and 40 per cent of the value of a given deal, so let’s look at the factors to consider when choosing a CMS platform for business growth.

Business impact

By choosing a development platform, you will require external technical experts or internal staff. This requires many more steps in development cycles and functional requirements to build the final product.

By choosing a solutions platform, much of the development is complete. Implementation is generally faster, as these platforms are easier to use and include support and extensive documentation.

If you are looking for a contract management system, speak to a specialist such as

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Ongoing requirements

Recognising how the CMS system will perform as continuous change is needed will form part of the decision. The platform must cope with the changing needs of your business, as it is an asset and an investment. With the development of SaaS platforms, re-platforming should become unnecessary.

Your website will be able to evolve with demands of your business. Your CMS should be kept current with new features added to your website.

Technology integration

Technology affects every facet of your business, so it is vital that your CMS platform works well with the sales, marketing, project management and communication initiatives of your business. Conduct a technology audit, as these tools will pull or feed data into your CMS.

Skills required

How easy is it to deploy the CMS? This has a significant impact on CMS deployment success. Your team must be able to efficiently use your chosen CMS platform.


Features are likely to determine which CMS system you choose, as you must select the CMS that contains all the features you require to run your business and reach your goals. Ensure you know which features are vital for your organisation; for example, fast-growing startups may opt for scalability, whilst established businesses need CMS to run well with their implemented legacy software.


Your selected vendor should provide ongoing support and training for your business to be successful.