How to do DAB

Some will ask that the “DAB”? What is it for? How much can I fly? Is it honey or wax to pluck?

Well here we will try to explain a bit of what it is about and start to try new ways of consuming the plant.

First, this process is only to separate the oil from the plant and its residues, such as stems, leaves, etc. With this you will get a dab rigs of cannabis at the highest level.

It is important to emphasize that you must wait until all the butane is evaporated and that only the oil remains at the end of the process

First, as we do “DAB”, there are thousands of videos on YouTube that help you get started and gather the necessary materials for the operation, then a list of basic materials:


1- The most important, the grass.

2- Tube for extraction.

3- BHO or purified butane.

4- Filters, such as coffee.

5- Silicone plate, plastic or other non-stick material.

6- Cook (you can skip this step, if you have patience).

7- Last and most important, a lot of caution since you are occupying combustible materials.


Well, the tube is to introduce the ground, dry and hopefully ground grass. Then once you have the tube full of grass, up to the top, you must cover it with the filter, you can secure it with elastics to the widest base of the tube.

With the plate and the tube prepared, you must enter the smallest part of the tube the gas, eye, you must do it in an open, ventilated place, use gloves to take the tube and it will freeze, use goggles (take care of your eyes) , once you are well insured drop the concentrate in the dish that varies from the amount you should use a dish with more space.

The cooker is a dispensable element since there are only preparations for a dab rigs, this depends on the time you are willing to wait for your DAB to be ready, with a cooker you must be careful not to burn it, while the temperature of the dab rigs, it is uniform but it will take several hours to be ready.

Remember, your security is important therefore this process must be done with the utmost care because if something happens to you, you will not be able to enjoy your work in moderation at the end.