How to Install a Cast Iron Bath

The most common kinds of bath to find in a bathroom these days are plastic acrylic or fibreglass. They are light, relatively easy to manufacture and therefore very cost-effective. They come in a range of colours and designs. Why would you choose anything else?

How to Install a Cast Iron Bath

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Well, cast iron baths have been around for a long time -because they last a long time. There are some baths still in use that are more than 100 years old. They are very durable, much harder to damage than plastic or acrylic and very stylish.

Considering Cast Iron?

There are advantages and disadvantages to a cast iron bath. They are tough and durable, which is a definite plus, but they are also much heavier than fibreglass or acrylic. They look beautiful and classy, but because they are rarer and harder to manufacture, they are also expensive (although they can be bought second-hand). Then again, they need replacing and repairing much less often.

Installing a Cast Iron Bath

Installing a cast iron bath is a big job and can be expensive, so you need to get it right. Here are a few tips to begin with.

Check Your Space

If you’ve already got a cast iron bath and are simply replacing it, then you know that your bathroom is big enough and the floor strong enough to take the weight. If your current bath is acrylic or fibreglass, however, or it’s a new bathroom conversion, then you need to be sure that the floor can take the weight. A concrete floor on the ground level is unlikely to have any problems, but many bathrooms are on the first floor. Make sure that your joists can take the weight – they will probably need reinforcing. Then you need to prepare and treat the wood.

Choose Your Bath Carefully

There are three basic designs of cast iron baths from Wilsons and other notable suppliers: straight, single slipper and double slipper. You need to be clear about where you want your taps to go – on the end of the bath or the middle? Do you want them attached to the bath or freestanding? See here for a detailed guide to fitting your cast iron bath properly:

A cast iron bath can make your bathroom really stand out, it’s definitely worth thinking about.