How to Look After a Living Wall

Living walls have become more popular in recent years. Part of this can be attributed to their eye-catching qualities. The plants are stunning and immediately impress visitors. They’re also beneficial because they reduce noise and remove bacteria, mould and harmful toxins from the environment.

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Living walls also have many other benefits. They are fitted to a wall with a bracket system to keep them in place. However, they are still plants and need the same amount of care and attention. So how do you look after a living wall? Here are some great tips to ensure your living wall flourishes instead of becoming a drooping mess.

Water It Regularly

All plants need to be watered to prevent them from wilting. Signs that plants need moisture include dry leaves, soil and wilting petals. If they are not taken care of, the plant will die and it’s not a good look for your wall. Living walls are hard to water because they’re indoors and quite high. Most companies suggest you use a self-watering system to enable the plants to maintain their moisture.

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If you’d like to know more about self-watering systems, then Grounds Maintenance Gloucestershire company can offer expert advice.

Check How Healthy Your Plant Is

You might think you can install your living wall, use the self-watering system and you won’t have to think about anything else. However, whether they’re in pots, composted in soil or on a wall, plants still grow. You should check for dead flowers, especially in summer, and remove them. This will allow new buds to bloom and keep your living wall looking stunning.

Light It Up

Plants need light to flourish, and providing them with that in an indoors environment can be difficult. If you have little light in the room, then it’s best to choose plants that can flourish in the shade. It’s important to choose the right flowers to suit the light because moving the wall will be an expensive process!

Remember that living walls can be beneficial for businesses and give the office a professional look. Choosing a professional company means they will ensure the right plants are picked for your living wall, and it will grow into an eye-catching feature. You can use a gardener to maintain the living wall and keep it looking colourful.