How to sell a cell phone in Vancouver

A wide variety of phones are available in the market now a days. They have different features in order to meet the requirement of the customers. If you possess a cell phone which does not suit your requirements, you can sell it easily at better rates to the buyers. To sell phone in Vancouver is not a big deal. You can link with any of the buyers across the city. When you explore on internet, you’ll come across various Cell Phone Repair Centre. They buy cell phones at affordable rates .Cell phones in a good working condition pay you well.

Procedure of selling a cell phone:

  • Contact Cell Phone Repair Centre
  • Send them the photograph of your device or meet them personally and inform them about the age and specifications of your phone.
  • Ask them about their payment policy. They mostly pay you according to the current value of your phone in the market.
  • Once you fix the deal, provide a copy of valid identity card to them
  • Reset your phone to the factory settings
  • If you possess an apple phone, delete the “icloud” account from it
  • Allow the buyers to inspect the device properly, so as to satisfy them.
  • Receive the payment for your mobile phone either in cash or as cheque.

Whenever you are planning to sell your phone, be sure to sell it to an authentic buyer. Selling your phone to the reasonable buyer makes you feel secure about your dealing. Before selling your phone make sure that you copy all the important content from it. This is important in order to prevent the loss of important data and also safeguards your privacy. Sell your cell phone at equitable rates in Vancouver and purchase a phone with better features and quality.