How to Throw the Perfect House Party

Whether you are a teenager making the most of their parents’ weekend away, or a couple wanting to throw a housewarming bash, everyone loves a good house party! Great house parties are talked about and remembered for years to come, and everyone wants to be that host! There is a fine Line between an amazing house party and a visit from the police though! These are a few top tips for ensuring that your house party is the talk of the town – in a good way!

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Have a place where people can chill as well as dance – you don’t want people to feel crammed into one room – for example, the kitchen can double up as a bar and chillout room, whereas the living room can be the more ‘lively’ room of the house. Make sure you have enough seating, if you need to get people to bring their own chairs then you can, or throw some cushions on the floor for a more relaxed seating arrangement!

Be aware that people are going to make a mess – There will always be someone who is sick, someone who breaks something, and a spillage of some sort! The key is planning for this to happen beforehand. Hide away any precious or breakable ornaments beforehand. Take Jeremy from Peep Show’s advice if you like and have designated ‘puke points’ – basically buckets with bags in them in various corners (although it is not advisable to bring a snake to the party, like Super Hans!). Make sure you know a good carpet cleaner – such as carpet cleaning Cheltenham company – keep the memories in your head not in your carpets!

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Have a good variety of alcohol – and food to soak it up. Not everyone likes the same things, so have a few different options – depending on what your budget is like of course. Jugs of punch are fairly cheap to make and always go down well. A few bottles of wine and some crates of lager are always a good bet too. Guests can also bring their own if you ask them to. Have some food as well, as it always goes down well and is good for soaking up all that alcohol! It doesn’t have to be lavish, mainly stodgy foods like sausage rolls, garlic bread or pizza are the best! You don’t want to spend ages beforehand slaving away in the kitchen. If you can, order takeaway pizza and simply wait for them to be delivered!