How to track your plant and assets

When you’re in charge of the security of plant machinery, farming equipment and other assets of significant value, whether brand new or those you have from a Plant Hire Leicester company like , you’ll want to be backed up by some top of the range security measures. Theft is a massive problem, not just for car owners but for businesses as well, increasing their insurance premiums and causing disruption to production while waiting for replacement equipment.

One solution is the use of GPS plant tracking which has the double benefit of improving security measures and assisting with the needs of regular maintenance and servicing.

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What can a GPS tracker do for your assets?

One of the most useful features is the identification of unauthorised use. An alert system notifies you straight away when any assets are being used out of normal expected usage times. Many also have a remote immobilising feature in case of unauthorised use, with the possibility to set automated immobilising times for set times of the day and week. If assets are detected as moving without the ignition being employed, a tow-away alert will be sent.

Understanding what your operating hours are and how long machinery is running for is crucial for scheduling maintenance and servicing. This important information can save you money in unexpected costly repairs or unreliable machinery, letting you get the best use of your fleet. Other data that can also be monitored includes battery voltage and other sensors.

Here are some further benefits to a tracking system for your assets:

Control in real-time

Always have up to the minute information on the whereabouts of your fleet vehicles. With some trackers, you can have this information 24/7 and use any device to see this data. If anything of significance is noted, you will also receive email and text alerts when you are away from the screen.

Lower costs

With access to real-time data about your plant and assets, you can identify areas to lower fuel consumption, unnecessary mileage, surplus machinery and lower your insurance premiums. The savings on offer by having a tracker fitted means the device quickly pays for itself.

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Greater efficiency

By receiving notifications to aid with servicing and maintenance, this process becomes less time-consuming and requires less administrative activity. Businesses can also become more efficient with the implementation of automated timesheets thanks to the data collected from a tracking device.

Increased security

A tracking device ensures that only authorised personnel are driving your vehicles. You can also have a remote immobilisation option should you get alerted of unauthorised movement.

Improved customer service

Tracking your fleet means you can provide customers with fast and accurate information on the status of deliveries and jobs for example. Your operations become much more reliable and transparent.