Ideas You Can Apply For Pool Barriers

If you are one of those people who own a swimming pool that is at least 4 feet deep must have a safe and secured barrier and a locked gate that is of a certain height. You need to check the building codes to find the exact requirements for your particular area. Though, safety is the main concern of having pool fencing, these other three factors should also be considered: privacy, functionality and artistic taste.

Privacy Fencing

Privacy is always the first concern when regards to pool fencing. No one wants to swim and lounge in the pool with the whole world watching you. If you reside in the middle of the woods with no other homes around, then your privacy concern will just be small. However, if you live in a populated community with a lot of houses in your view, you absolutely want a fence that will permanently safeguard your privacy. The best type of fence for this case is a solid wood plank fence that is at least 4 feet tall. A stockade fence, which has no gaps between the slats of wood, will provide the ultimate privacy, though it may be a bit imposing, especially for a small yard.

Functionality Fencing

Another one on the list of options you need to consider when fencing your pool is the functionality. Build a fence that is very versatile as well as will still allow you to enjoy the beauty of the panoramic sightings. The perfect type of fence for this is the spit rail fence. It would be nice to make use of a three-rail fence, as this will be sturdier and secure than a two-rail fence. You must cover the outside of your barrier with wire mesh that is at least 4 feet tall. It is a great combination of design because wire mesh blends in nicely with a split rail fence while still giving you the top safety and security that is required of a pool fence.

Making A Visually Appealing Fence

If the cost and the security are not your main concerns, then you top choice of pool fence is the ornamental iron. It is a far pricier than the usual wood fencing but it is definitely aesthetically stunning and will not only get the perfect look for your surroundings, but it will set the bar higher. It is usually made with wrought iron;it will be much sturdier than wood and last for many years. There are also some other types of ornamental fence such as the hot-dipped galvanized steel that is budget-friendly but will give you same services: attraction and durability.

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