Keeping the neighbours happy with your wood floors

Most people strive to get on with their neighbours, as we want to ensure that the neighbourly relationship remains amicable and stress free. We hope that our efforts not to annoy will be reciprocated, but unfortunately we can sometimes be unaware of the impact we are having on others. Noise is one of the most frequent complaints from neighbours, and wooden floors in particular can be a source of tension, due to annoying and relentless noise from neighbours above.

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That being said, the look and feel of a wooden floor, whether it is hardwood or laminate, can add a look and feel of luxury to a home. Whilst carpeting can reduce any impact noise to your neighbours below, it may not be the look that you desire. However, there are some solutions available.


Noise from footfall is one of the key complaints about wooden floors. This is impact noise and the best way to avoid it travelling to the floor below is to create a buffer – a gap to swallow the noise. Underlay can be part of this. There are several types of underlay material available. These products can be found from an online flooring company, who offer fibre or foam. They will also be able to offer further advice on how to minimise noise pollution for your neighbours.

Finishing the floor

Once a choice of underlay has been made, the finished floor, for example Wood Flooring should be laid on top of underlay such as that supplied by without attaching it to the layer beneath with nails or glue. Another good tip is to leave a gap between the flooring edge and the walls, which can then be filled with an acoustic sealant. When you have your heart set on the warmth and look of a wooden floor, there is no need to be disheartened by the noise impact, as there are soundproofing options available.

Ensuring that your flooring doesn’t let you down and prevents as much noise passing through your floor as possible will mean that you can stop walking on tiptoes. There are times when noise is unavoidable, but having the foresight, and empathy for your neighbours, to reduce the noise you make can ensure that your neighbourly relationship will not fall on hard times because of noise.