Killer Dynamic form Features for Your Apps

Do you know that web forms may be one old technology but it is still the most productive method to develop web applications? With dynamic forms and web forms you can add more productive and competitive features to the websites. Do you know that you can add these innovative features to your web forms to have your projects enhanced?

Mobile Grid –This feature is about a new mobile-optimized experience. Turn on this feature by setting RenderMode=”Mobile” or RenderMode=”Auto”. This feature is suitable for smartphones and tablets. This will choose the right render mode based on the browser being used. It makes the app very handy and useful for the mobile users.The features, buttons and menu will be designed for devices.The elements used in the form’s edit mode, allows lesser scripts and lesser CSS files sent to client. The colors and size of the font icons can be easily changed without the need to modify existing image sprites.

Managing Docs and not using Microsoft Word or excel.

This feature allows users to create, load and modify documents in a number of formats. It accommodates RTF, DOCX, HTML, RTF, TXT, XLSX, PDF, CSV and more. This will be required in the applications so that the users can import and export files in these formats. Users can create these files themselves  These have been created using the latest support technologies like office 2007 +that have compatibility packsso that you can use DPL libraries in your Web Forms apps and.NET apps.

Lightweight Editor

With this feature, markup control renders are reduced to make customization easy. The size and complexity gets reduced by this new rendering feature. Also it gives a lot of flexibility to develop a good responsive web forms. The lightweight mode automatically configures itself to the given font size and does not hinder the user experience.The Lightweight uses font icons and not image sprites as the tool. Use RenderMode=”Lightweight” to turn this mode on.

Update mode feature to web service settings

With this feature just the updated appointments will be exchanged back and forth to the Web Service. This will reduce the amount of data being transferred when creating, editing or deleting appointments. This will improve performance by around 10 times across all browsers. The initial load, navigation and views are all improved. The time taken, views, adding, updating, deletion appointments are all improved in Server as well as Web Service binding.