Most Common Driving Test Mistakes

So, you have passed your theory, had plenty of driving lessons and the all-important driving test day has arrived – you are looking forward to the freedom that driving can offer – but first you have to get through the dreaded test! These are the most common mistakes that people make leading up to, and on the day of their driving test…

Not getting enough sleep – Good driving requires concentration – we all know that. But one of the biggest mistakes that you can make is having a late night the day before your test.  Lack of sleep can make or break a driving test.  On the night before your test, make sure that you relax, don’t worry about the test. Read a book that you enjoy have a bath and have an early night.

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Nerves – Nerves can get the better of everyone at one point or another, and it is perfectly normal to feel nervous before your driving test. You have been preparing for this for a long time and have had plenty of lessons! Make sure that you have discussed the test with your driving instructor – a good instructor such as, a driving instructor Market Harborough based, will ensure that you are ready for your test before you take it.  There is no point taking the test unless your instructor thinks that you are ready. Bach rescue remedy is a great herbal help that you can use if you are really suffering from nerves before your test.

Be Positive – The examiner is not there to trick you or to catch you out, they simply want to make sure that you are safe on the road and are ready to drive independently. Focus on passing the test rather than dwelling on negative feelings and thoughts of failing.

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Use your mirrors – A very common mistake people make during the driving test is not using the mirrors correctly or often enough – using mirrors too late, increasing, and decreasing speed and moving away without using mirrors are one of the most common reasons for failing – and remember to use the rear view and side mirrors!

Moving off at junctions – Make sure that it is safe to move off at a junction before you do so – this is another of the main reasons that people fail. If you emerge into the path of another vehicle, and cause the other vehicle to have to respond you will fail. If you do not think it is safe – don’t do it.