Nuts about nuts: continued innovation in bar snacks

The success of a local pub is no longer just about what beers you have on tap, or what football match you are showing. Customers now expect so much more.

Nuts about nuts

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When creating your service there are many elements to consider, such as what post mix syrup to offer, what food to serve, what kegs to stock, and what bar snacks to offer?

A Unique Experience

More and more pubs are trying to expand their consumer offerings and create an overall unique experience for their customers, to ensure repeat business.

Pubs and bars are already doing well by offering brands such as Budweiser, Smirnoff and a huge range of post mix syrups available through Empire UK. It’s now time for snack brands to make their mark in the industry.

Capitalising on the demand for new snack ideas is snack firm, Edgars Choice. As reported in the Morning Advertiser, founders Charlie Martin and Chris Sears believe the pub trade should be offering snacks that cannot be found in a local supermarket.

Many pubs offer the traditionally-known snacks such as Walker’s Crisps or KP Nuts. Many consumers are unhappy at the price charged, compared to what they can buy them for in their local supermarket.

Having spent ten years running a major snacks operation supplying items to the food service sector, Charlie Martin believes a pub is a place for consumers to escape reality, a place to experience something they can only get at the pub.

The new range of nuts comes in a variety of flavours including chilli, Thai, wasabi, and carnival. Each flavour is specifically designed to suit a particular beer or post mix syrup.

More Than Nuts

This bar snack revolution is not just stopping at nuts. As you travel around pubs across the country, from Chic London bars to traditional rural pubs, you will encounter a variety of new snacks. Many are opting to serve free popcorn, some are providing dips for hand-cooked chips, and some even have their chefs involved and offer nachos and other tasty treats.

This trend of focusing on unique bar snacks and creating an unrivalled experience only found in your local pub seems to be an idea that is generating a lot of interest. With new players in the industry, we are set to see some fantastic new bar snacks being offered.