Seven makeup tips for different lip shapes

Lip makeup finishes your look and can instantly transform your appearance. It is important to apply the right lip makeup to suit your lip size, so let’s look at some tips.

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1. Top-heavy lips

Here, the top part is more voluptuous than the bottom part of your lips. Put liner around your lips, moving from the centre to the outside. Next, use a bright lipstick on the uppermost section and a slightly darker shade of the same colour underneath. You will find some great colours in the Clarins makeup range.

2. Bottom-heavy lips

With bottom-heavy lips, the lower part is fuller. Employ the same lip shade on the upper and lower lips, then pat a small quantity of creamy matte nude eyeshadow or add white pencil to the middle of your upper lip.

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3. Uneven lips

Uneven lips may be asymmetrical and lack a consistent shape. Use a lip pencil to outline your upper lip, ensuring that both parts of your upper lip match, then do the same for the bottom lip. Gently smudge the liner to get rid of any rough edges.

4. Flat lips

The best choices for lips lacking dimension are soft and light colours. Line your lips just outside your natural lip line and remember that shimmery and frosty lip colours make lips look fuller. Ombre tones also work well.

5. Thin lips

Thin lips require more space, so apply a lip liner just outside your normal lip line and softly smudge it. Add a dark lip shade on your bottom lip and a pale colour on your top lip, blending them together with a makeup brush.

6. Over-large lips

Over-large lips may dominate your face. Always stick to softer lip hues with a matte consistency so that your lips look even and soft. Choose nude lip colours and focus your makeup on your cheeks and eyes. You will find everything you need in the Clarins makeup range.

7. Small lips

Small lips suit all kinds of lip texture, such as frosty, shimmery and glossy. These will give your lips the appearance of fullness. Steer clear of dark lip colours; instead, go for softer and brighter colours to create a fuller look.