Should you choose a pitched or flat roof for your extension?

If you’re planning on extending your home, one decision you’ll have to make is what type of roof you want. There are positives and negatives for both a pitched extension and a flat roof.

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Pitched extensions, which have a longer lifespan than flat roofs, allow a more traditional look and they can blend in well with the style of current homes. The material used in the building process are largely weather resistant. A flat roof contrary to its name, is slightly elevated to ensure rain will not collect on top. It will generally be cheaper as it will take less time and use less material than a pitched roof.

A pitched roof will let in more light

If you enjoy daylight flooding in to your living space, a pitched roof light will let in more sunlight than a traditional window in a room as they can be directed to maximise the sunlight. A pitched roof will also create more space and you can use this area for storage.

A pitched roof however will not suit every home. Views from the homes of neighbours could be adversely affected by an elevated roof, so this is one point worth bearing in mind. Their daylight could be impacted quite substantially which is not ideal as it can also devalue their home.

Maximise the use of modern roof lights

If you opt for a flat roof, you can maximise the use of modern roof lights to boost the contemporary appeal of the extension. Bungalows in particular are well suited to a modern flat roof.

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If you are thinking of extending there are options open for your roofing Cheltenham is an area with professional advisers. Whether it’s a pitched or flat roof, roofing services can be carried out by or similar.

It’s not just homes that can benefit from new roofing. According to ITV News the iconic Carrickfergus Castle in County Antrim in Northern Ireland has had a new roof installed as part of a £1m conservation project.

An older style flat roof will have a lower ceiling and it tends to have a shorter lifespan than a pitched roof. A flat roof may require additional maintenance and they can be less energy efficient as you lose more heat through the roof. This will have an impact upon energy bills.