Spend more time in your garden this summer

Looking forward to long days of sun and crazy summer nights? Now is the perfect time of year to get your garden in shape, so you can make the most of this summer. Here are some ideas to spend more time in your garden when the sun is shining:

Growing Vegetables

Even if you’ve never tried this before, why not try it? A fruit, herb or vegetable garden will be hugely satisfying, as well as providing yummy gifts! For those with a patch, think about trying something different this year to reignite your passion and have some delicious results to supplement your summer meals.

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Hold a garden party

You don’t need to spend a fortune to make a garden fit for celebrating. A few fairy lights, a few handmade banners, some bright scatter cushions, a barbecue and voila – you have a party atmosphere. Get your garden ready for visitors. If your mower needs a bit of TLC, consider getting your Briggs and Stratton Parts from a site like https://www.briggsbits.co.uk/

Grow your own garnish

Those long summer drinks, ice cold and refreshing always taste better with a little garnish. Instead of your purchasing from the supermarket, plant some of your favourites to choose at your convenience. Easy starters including mint, basil, coriander, lemongrass or lavender.

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Relax in a hammock

What could be more luxurious and special than lying in a hammock on a hot summer day? All you need is a couple of trees or pergola beam and you have the perfect place to hang a hammock.