Ten items shoppers could not get enough of in 2017

Shopping is one of the nation’s favourite pastimes, so let’s look back at the items shoppers could not get enough of in 2017.

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M&S Manolo Blahnik look-alike shoes

Sex and the City fans will remember Carrie Bradshaw strolling across New York City in her Manolo Blahnik shoes. M&S released a pair with an uncanny resemblance to the designer’s at just £35.

ASDA paddling pool with seats

Excited parents flocked to ASDA for its paddling pool with four seats. It originally cost £40; however, after dropping the product to £30, it sold out in a weekend.

Lidl pink gins

Customers loved the colourful bottles and delicious flavours of Lidl’s pink gins. The £11.99 price tag also went down a treat.

B&M Pringles calendar

Once these popped onto the shelves, customers could not stop buying them. The £7.99 calendars sold out and people were buying them on eBay for twice the price.

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Primark Mrs Potts teapot

The 2017 remake of Beauty and the Beast inspired Primark to release its range. The Mrs Potts teapot was porcelain and priced at £12.99.

Primark Chip mug

At just £5, Primark had to restock its Beauty and the Beast-themed mug three times.

Primark denim motif jacket

Primark’s alternative to a similar Gucci design cost just £25, making it a huge success with shoppers.

Aldi’s big daddy steak

Aldi released its 16oz steak at just £5 for Father’s Day. It proved to be so popular that it was re-stocked for the August bank holiday.

Aldi Intex inflatable hot tub

At just £299, this tub was certain to sell. It cost hundreds of pounds less than competitors and provided customers with a great place to relax all summer.

Aldi Jo Malone-style candles

Luxury Jo Malone candles cost over £40, but Aldi’s £3.99 version was a hit with shoppers. This has now become part of the supermarket’s main product line.

Future trends

2017 also saw a surge in flavour trends, which will undoubtedly continue in 2018. Companies such as http://www.foodieflavours.com/shop/flavours/natural-flavouring/raspberry/ will see customers visiting them more often to find delicious infusions for their meals, including raspberry food flavouring.

Next year will also see standout products from the technology, interior design and fashion industries, with high street stores releasing more affordable ranges