The Perfect Doctors Waiting Room

If you run a doctor’s surgery, the chances are you have a lot to think about! From keeping up to date customer records, to ensuring that you have the correct locum insurance from and making sure that you have all the equipment needed for the doctors and nurses to be able to do their jobs correctly and safely.

But what about your waiting room? For many people, going to the doctors can be a scary prospect, and sitting in the waiting room can be the most nerve-wracking part. So how can you make your doctors waiting room a more relaxing and pleasant experience for your patients?

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Choose Calming Colours – A fresh coat of paint can work wonders. Choose light colours to give a clean and light appearance, as well as choosing colours which are naturally calming as well as fresh – blue and green are both colours which are more calming.

Think about the Décor – As well as having all the essential things that you need in a waiting room, such as signage and leaflets offering help and support to patients with a range of ailments, adding carefully chosen décor can make a huge impact. Pictures such as calming woodland scenes can help people to relax, or even a fish tank of tropical fish which are soothing to watch.

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Furniture in a waiting room needs to be functional and easy to clean, but comfort is also important. Adding homely touches such as a coffee table, and the opportunity to access fresh water and hot drinks is also a great way to make the room more comfortable.