The pros and cons of concrete flooring

Flooring is an important but often overlooked element of your overall decor. To understand whether concrete is right for you, and for the room you are considering it for, it is wise to understand it as a material and the pros and cons so that you can make an informed decision.

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Low maintenance

Once it is down, a concrete floor will not need a lot of attention beyond sealing it and waxing it once or twice a year, depending on the level of traffic, to maintain the protective layer. Beyond this, a broom and a mop will do the trick, which is a big pro.


Concrete is difficult to damage; therefore, it is a great option in high traffic areas or where furniture might be dragged, pet claws scratched or high heels walked across. It can withstand heavy equipment to commercial levels and is therefore great for workshops and garages in addition to use in the home.


Whilst it might be very durable, concrete is hard. If you drop something on it, you won’t damage the floor; however, whatever you dropped is likely to shatter. If you fall over on concrete, the chances are far greater that you will hurt yourself, so think about who will be using the room and how likely it is that a fall will take place. Concrete can also be uncomfortable if you stand on it for a long period of time, as it does not yield at all.


In this country, having flooring that does not retain heat well could be considered a drawback. On a winter’s morning, getting up to a cold floor underfoot might be something you want to consider carefully; however, this issue can be somewhat overcome with the use of rugs and runners. If you want to keep cool, this lack of heat retention could be seen as a positive.Of course it is important to ensure that your heating system is in full working order and that you have it regularly inspected by a Cheltenham Boiler Service company such as

Once you have weighed up the pros and cons of a concrete floor, you will be able to make the decision as to whether it will work for you. It does not need to be permanent; therefore, if you try it and it doesn’t work, you can change it.