The wonderful art of carpentry

Have you ever looked at a beautifully built cabinet and wondered how long it took to make or looked at the intricate design work and marveled at the skills of the carpenter? Well carpenters work in a variety of ways. From making beautiful pieces of furniture to constructing the wood elements of houses and roofs.

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In order to be successful as a carpenter there are a number of skills that are required, and these include:

  • Use of tools and machinery. When creating beautiful items from wood it is important that a carpenter is fully equipped with all the necessary equipment and is aware of how best to use them and in a safe manner. The types of equipment that may be used include electronic levels, power saws, rotary cutters, sanders and much more.
  • Measurements – in order to be able to correctly measure and construct an item a level of maths skills will be required. These skills allow the carpenter to measure up spaces, read blueprints, estimate the amount of resources needed, and budget for the project, as well as the actual designs for the finished product.
  • Attention to detail – to make items that are functionable and beautiful carpenters have to be incredible precise in their work. You don’t want to have a beautiful cabinet created that has a door that doesn’t close properly. This skill also helps when it comes to reading and interpreting building plans as well as being able to quality control their own work.

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  • Problem solving – as is inevitable with most projects things don’t always go to plan and a carpenter may need to be able to think quickly in order to overcome any issues with the design as well as problems that may occur with the location of the item.
  • Strength – a certain amount of strength and physical fitness is needed in order to be successful as a carpenter as they carry and lift heavy items including the machinery and tools needed to complete each job and also the raw materials. Carpenters spend long periods of time standing, climbing, bending and lifting so they need to be in good physical health.