Tips for Creating a Better Backyard

Your backyard welcomes you to relax, unwind and connect with your family and friends. It can’t do that if it’s a barren, brown and ugly outdoor space. If your backyard is less than inviting, consider making some improvements that will add color, functionality and visual appeal.


A lush, green lawn invites you to slip off your sandals and step onto plush, padded natural carpet. However, you can add even more beauty to your backyard when you include a garden in your landscaping. Colorful flowers, blooming bushes and prolific produce provide a visual focal point that increases the charm of your outdoor living space. And because a garden is easy to customize, you can make it as large or as small as your space and preferences allow. With an extensive vegetable garden or a few window boxes, you can brighten your backyard.


Whether you build an elaborate deck with multiple layers or install a simple patio, a deck can turn a boring backyard into a breathtaking space. Paint it any color you want, stain it, give it a high gloss finish or add decorative details that attract attention. With these customizations, your deck reflects your personality and expands your outdoor living space.


Your backyard barbecues will be more inviting when you have comfortable patio furniture. Gazebos, benches, comfy chairs – any furniture that entices visitors to have a seat and talk will turn an ordinary cookout into a social event. Don’t’ forget to include a dining set, for smaller dinner parties. And showcase your personal style with your furnishings. Whether you prefer wood or wrought iron, you can find pieces to suit your tastes.

Fire pit

Cold fall and spring nights call for a bit of warmth, and you can create that with a fire pit. It’s a fun additionto your backyard and invites guests to gather for a sing-a-long, cookout or peace and quiet by the fire. Just be sure to exercise fire pit safety – especially if children are present. Install the fire pit away from combustible plants and other materials, using a screen and maintaining a safe distance from the fire.

Swing set

An adults-only backyard isn’t fun or functional for families with kids. Give your children a space of their own when you install a swing set. It can be elaborate with slides, a sand box and jungle gyms or a simple tire swing attached to a tree. Whichever choice you make, your kids will spend hours of carefree playtime in your backyard.

Remove clutter

Debris, lawn waste and toys create an untidy appearance and increase the likelihood that someone might trip and fall in your yard. Always put away lawn tools and keep them out of reach of children.  And keep kids’ toys in outdoor toy box, or inside a storage bench.

A backyard can be either an eyesore or a thing of beauty. Give your backyard TLC, and create an oasis that’s beautiful, luxurious and welcoming for your family and friends.