Top five car tracking devices

Car tracking devices are becoming commonplace. Traditionally used on rental cars, taxis, trucks and lorries by employers or rental firms wanting to keep a check on their vehicles, they are becoming more popular with individual car owners who fit them in case their vehicle is stolen, so it can be easily traced and hopefully returned in one piece.

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1. Zoombak Advanced A-GPS

This popular GPS tracker is easy it install and connects with your car battery, so there’s no need to charge it up. It’s portable, easy to take off and move to another vehicle and sends you SMS alerts. It also has a long log history and can set up geofence alarms.

2. Garmin GTU 10

Garmin is famous for its satnav and fitness trackers, but it also makes very good vehicle trackers. This model comes with one year’s free subscription, but obviously after that, you will have to pay the yearly fee. The tracking history is just seven days, but if you want a tracker to protect your car from theft, this is plenty. You can check its status online and receive email and text notifications. It’s certainly user-friendly and although it requires a battery, the battery life is long. It can use geofence alarms.

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3. Lo Jacks

This popular US brand is priced at the upper end of the budget range, but has a reputation for being amongst the very best. The five day battery life is good but the
pièce de résistance is that it uses radio frequency to inform the police when it has been stolen. There is no annual subscription either, just a one-off fee.

4. Back to You Self Contained Tracker

This excellent vehicle tracking unit doesn’t require a contract or yearly fees. Simply call the SIM when your car is stolen and you will receive a text with the location. Built-in batteries last 90 days, the unit can be easily moved from vehicle to vehicle, and it can apply geofence alarms. The Back to You Self Contained Tracker is available from

5. Spark Nano

The Spark Nano is a low cost option that can be easily set up and offers geofencing. It’s easy to track car location from a computer or smartphone, and it’s the ideal choice for worried parents whose teenagers have started driving.