Top Rules to Create an Effective Logo

Your business logo represents who you are and what you stand for, so it stands to reason that every business owner should make it a top priority ensuring their logo looks great and creates the right impression. Establishing an effective logo is harder than you might think, but here are some top tips to help you on your way to creating a logo you can be proud of.


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Do research

Before a logo has been established, do some background research. According to Forbes Magazine you need to figure out who is going to see your logo, and then make sure that it is appropriate for your audience. Have a look at what logos already exist and who your competition is, and try to create a logo that is unique, compelling and stands out from the rest.

Be inspired but don’t steal

Take inspiration from other logos that you admire and are similar to your brand, but avoid stealing ideas outright, especially from big-name brands. People will very quickly make the connection and this could damage your reputation.

Represent your brand

Always keep in mind that your logo should represent your business and brand. According to Entrepreneur your logo should relate to your industry, your name, a defining characteristic of your company or a competitive advantage you offer. Make sure to be honest when designing your logo to represent your brand – if the logo does not live up to the reality of who you are, consumers will be left feeling disappointed.

Clever not complex

A great logo should stir emotions and make people think, but it should be unique and clever enough without being complex. There is a fine line between being clever and creating confusion, so that people find it hard to figure what the logo is all about. If in doubt, test your logo on people before launching it.


Your logo should be versatile so that it looks great on different types of medium, both online and offline, on different sources, such as letterheads or t shirts, and at different sizes, on a business card or billboard, for instance. Creating a logo that looks great and represents your brand, whilst also being versatile can be tricky, so consult experts such as 24-7WEBSITE.CO.UK, who provide logo and web design in Hemel Hempstead and elsewhere.

Colour choice

Be aware that the colours you choose for your logo can make a big difference to how you are perceived. Colours invoke differing emotions, so get to know which ones would work best for your logo and create the kind of emotions that reflect your business. Make sure the colours you choose, however, work well with each other and avoid opting for too many. Remember also, that an effective logo should work just as well in black and white as in colour.

Avoid trends

Your logo should stand the test of time, so avoid creating a logo based on current trends or fads, otherwise you will be looking at refreshing it sooner than you had anticipated. Make sure it is universally acceptable also if you operate in a global market, and can be easily translated across different markets and cultures.