Two Different Types of Asbestos

There are many types of asbestos. Some types are considered to be more dangerous than others. This article will focus on the two most common types of asbestos that are found in homes: mica and crystalline silica.

The most obvious type of asbestos is the mica, which is a naturally occurring mineral. It has been used as roofing material in the past, as tiles, and as insulating board under the flooring of homes and buildings. In a normal home, mica would be found in your floors. However, today, it is commonly found in products such as the boards for fiberglass roofing, in insulation around electrical wiring, and even in drywall. Not all mica, however, is considered to be asbestos.

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Manufacturers can now produce high quality products that are made from mica without any real concern about it being classified as asbestos. For more information on what to do if you suspect asbestos in your property, contact Asbestos Removal Essex at a site like

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Another type of asbestos is crystalline silica. This is commonly found in old homes. This silica can still pose some risks when it is inhaled. In fact, when a person is exposed to enough of it, they can develop Mesothelioma, a cancer of the membrane surrounding the chest. These are the two most common types of asbestos found in homes.