Fire is a disaster that confronts people when they least expect it to. In fact, majority of the people fail to make it to safety is due to their unpreparedness, to avoid this you can visit www.metrofire.com.au for more details. It has therefore come to the attention of many people that there is need for people to be provided with emergency and safety training in order to minimize these casualties and injuries. This is because the impact of an unseen crisis can be significantly be reduced if everyone was trained on the appropriate way of responding to it.

There exist a wide range of training and emergency courses. These will give your staff or even family the confidence and skills to make well informed choices and act promptly in the event of a fire attack. These courses are offered either online or through visiting centers of learning. These places have certified and well trained officers who will guide your staff through the practical of firefighting to ensure they are better equipped than before.

Different types of training

  • Fire extinguisher training

These equipment are found almost in all places as it has become a requirement lately to have them installed. It is however ironical that though they may be in plenty, few people are aware on how to use them. When fire strikes, instead of people using them to fight it, they instead run away for safety. This becomes a great loss since if someone knew how to use them, they could have saved some property or better still, some life. Fire safety training will educate the participants on the importance of fire safety. It will offer the opportunity of developing some good operational methods and techniques when using the firefighting equipment wherever. This will ensure that everyone knows how to use these equipment appropriately.


  • Confined space entry training

This kind of training is for authorized employees. It equips them with the skills and knowledge on how they can safely make entry in some confined space and make their operations from there. It will enable them to avoid explosive or flammable conditions, hazardous substances among other health issues that may arise. It will equip them with the skills they can use to save your staff in case of a fire tragedy.

  • Evacuation exercise

This training is meant for every staff. It involves a practical assessment of the emergency control organization (ECO) and the general awareness of the staff. This equips the staff on how they can conduct themselves when fire broke out so that they safely evacuate the premises. The exercise will also offer the staff with skills how to carry out the risk assessment of the premises and be able to make wise decisions.

  • Breathing apparatus training

This is meant to equip the participants with the skills and the knowledge on how to use the breathing equipment in their workplaces. This is because some workplaces may contain these apparatus but since the staff have no idea how to use them, they end up in serious consequences. The breathing apparatus training advices the concerned parties of having these apparatus in their premises as a safety precaution too.