What is causing that blockage?

There is nothing worse than standing in the shower watching the water refuse to go down the plug hole. Instead of having an enjoyable shower experience, you suddenly find yourself splashing around in tepid water with ever rising water levels. You enviably find this occurring just as you have massaged the shampoo into your hair, so you have no alternative but to rinse your hair and watch the soapy water lap against your ankles before you can tend to the problem.

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It is important to know what the main causes of a blocked plug hole and drain are and whether you need to be looking for a plumber. My recent shower issue turned out to be a part of a bigger problem and so we searched for plumbers Dublin on the internet and came across https://www.plumberservicesdublin.ie/ who came to our rescue.

Here are some of the top reasons you may be experiencing blockage issues:

Skin, hair and dirt from our general daily lives along with the soap residue building up in the bathroom pipes combine together to effectively reduce the space inside the pipes and therefore reduces the waterflow through them. On occasions this reduction in space actually becomes a blockage and this is where you find water flowing back up the pipe and through the plug hole.  If you find yourself in this position it is worth removing the plug from the pipe and cleaning away any of the debris that you can see. If you have a blockage further down the pipe, then it is advisable to try a plunger and see if you can dislodge the blockage. If you decide on this option, it is important to remember to cover the overflow drain to ensure that you don’t end up firing the blockage at yourself through this pipe.

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Possibly the worst blockage to be dealing with at home is that of a blocked toilet. There is probably no scarier sight than watching the water level in the toilet slowly reaching the top. These types of issues are usually due to items being flushed down the toilet that are not readily dissolvable or the toilet not being cleaned regularly. Again, your saviour for this type of job is the trusty plunger and pair of strong rubber gloves, as you are not going to get away without getting your hands dirty for this job!