What Is The HDMI Cable Used For?

Why use an hdmi cable?
The hdmi cable possesses the capability to provide the most reliable single transfer and purest picture possible through the use of a single cable. Most commonly HDMI cables are used to transfer digital audio and video signals between compatible HD televisions, receivers, and other components.

Home electronics that commonly use at least one hdmi cable could be any of the following: 3D LCD, LED, plasma televisions, HD projectors, desktop computers, laptop computers, DVD players, game consoles, and more.

Such a wide variety of electronic equipment can use an hdmi cable because there are a variety of different HDMI cable formats. The standard hdmi cable is used for the typical home multimedia experience, such as the use of a DVD play or Blu-Ray player. The hdmi cable with Ethernet are commonly used by digital theaters and game consoles due their capability to maximize the resolution to 3840x2160p.

HDMI Minis
The cables used by smartphones and other devices with small inputs, use HDMI mini/micro cables to create an HDMI connection. It is even possible to create an HDMI extension with an HDMI extension cable.

Avoid Tangles
If a mess of tangle wires is a concern of yours, HDMI flat cables provide the consumer with ability to hide the thin cable under a rug or along the wall to avoid being in the way or creating an unsightly mess. However, if you choose to secure an hdmi cable under a carpet, be sure it under a part of the carpet where no one will walk on it. Walking on the cable can cause damage the wires inside of the cable, causing a connection interruption.

Know The Distance
When deciding which type of hdmi cable to purchase, be sure to know the distance the signal needs to be carried over. Knowing the distance will help you to determine the AWG you must purchase. The AWG describes the thickness of the cable, the lower the AWG number the longer the distance a signal will effectively transmitted over.

Typically, the brand of the cable is irrelevant for any distance under 50 feet. Both the original equipment manufacturer cables are just as effective as the brand name cables that are more costly. In reality, purchasing the cheapest hdmi cable that will meet your needs is the smart way to go for any and all home entertainment device needs. With proper maintenance and care, the cheap off brand cables will work just as well and for just close to the same length of time.

Purchasing an hdmi cable is necessary for the majority of home electronic devices in today’s world.