Why do I need more landing pages on my website?

You are likely to have a business website with a good homepage, clear calls to action, excellent copy and clear navigation, but do you have several landing pages? Many businesses do not realise the importance of having multiple landing pages on their websites; however, this mistake can be a costly one.

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The optimum number of pages

How many pages do you need? The experts at a Reading web design agency will tell you that 10-15 landing pages is ideal and can lead to a 55 per cent conversion increase over business websites that have less than ten.

Ramp this up to over 40 landing pages and you can expect to see a whopping conversion increase of 500 per cent. This figure more than justifies the time and effort needed to create these extra pages and to test and adjust them over time using online data.

Why do you need these landing pages specifically?

The benefits of landing pages

When you work with a Reading web design agency, an increase in your landing pages can increase your conversion opportunities. Lead generation pages can help visitors to find your pages through navigation and search, to get to the content they want, and to convert. Examples of landing pages that can offer excellent conversion are free trials, newsletter sign-ups, how-to guides and e-books.

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They are also linked with PPC ads. Good marketers will always create various landing pages for each AdWords campaign before A/B testing them and using the combinations of ad and landing pages that provide the best results. The same will apply to Facebook adverts.

Inbound marketing

Don’t forget that extra landing pages can help you with inbound marketing. Well written, they provide great marketing content to share on social media and to provide extra leads – and potentially extra sales! Add plenty of variety and you will provide great content opportunities and social linking to drive through traffic, which will delight your sales and social team alike!


Landing pages can also help you to segment your sources of traffic. Using a landing page builder will allow you to duplicate your landing pages and tweak each of them so that your content and visuals appeal to every targeted inbound traffic group.

Get planning those extra landing pages today and see the results start to flow in.