Why Do Really Good Website Designs Take Time?

There’s been a significant rise in the number of DIY website builders that allow even technophobes to drag and drop their content into a web template, giving them the ability to build and publish a website within just a few hours. Unfortunately, this has led some seasoned business professionals to question why their web development team are taking so long to create their latest website. If someone with no experience at all can build a website, what is it that makes the professionals take so long?

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More to a Professional Site Than Drag and Drop

Whilst the DIY website builders fulfil the need for small one-person businesses to create a brochure website, for any business that intends to use its website as a marketing tool, only a professionally built site will do.

That’s because a business website needs to be completely unique, focussing on your brand’s unique selling points. A template website may end up looking lovely, but it’s never going to achieve the page loading times of a purpose-built site, neither will it be able to compete with your competitors when it comes to applying SEO.

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Great SEO Is Built In

Perhaps surprisingly, a good SEO campaign doesn’t commence once the main website build process is complete. According to Search Engine Journal, the best SEO campaigns are built into the very structure of the website, so your web development team need to be very clear on their SEO strategy from the outset.

User Experience Is Key to Success

Template sites aren’t too concerned about the user experience, but for any serious website user experience should be central to every aspect of the website design and build process. Whether you’re a large-scale company with your own in-house web development team or a small concern looking to employ a local design team, such as the Lincolnshire web design agency https://perspectivedesign.co.uk/, research into the way that visitors would like to interact with your brand should be at the forefront of the design process.

Content Is Still King

All the beautiful images and graphics in the world won’t be enough to lure visitors to your website if the content is less than enlightening. Web visitors are looking for high-value information, so make sure that all of your on-site copy is relevant and interesting to keep visitors coming back for more.