Xerox Cluj machine

If you are looking for a good Xerox machine, there’s a couple of things you have to keep in mind. First, you have to have some idea of how many copies and prints you are going to be doing per month. That’s one of the most important things in this industry. Regarding features, it’s simple. Every xerox machine sold today is a printer, copier and scanner all at the same time. Most of them can scan in black & white or color, JPG, PDF, TIF. Resolutions may differ, but 600dpi is a standard resolution for most of the machines in place today.

Then there’s the speed. Even though 30 pages per minute sounds good, because in theory the output it can do in an hour is much more than you need in a day, it’s good to have a fast one. When you’re printing, most of the time you’re in a hurry and you’re printing at the last minute to send the documents somewhere or hand them over to other departments in the company. So Printing speed is essential, not because of the big printing volume, but because of the time constraints.

The printer must also be equiped with a scanner. Scanners are really useful these days because we live in a semi-physical semi-internet world. Some institutions or companies function using paper as a means of communication and interraction, while some are more advanced and use cloud platforms to solve all their problems. So your printer has to fit into all this and be capable of making what’s digital physical and vice-versa. Scan2Email is essential. It’s fast, you just scan the papers and put in the e-mail address on the touchscreen and you’re good to go.

Copying is still a utility. A lot of people do xeroxing on a large scale for their office needs. Everything accounting related is still on paper and it’s going to be on paper for a while. But you need to be able to xerox A4 and A3 papers.


And of course printing is important as a function. Printing is split into 2 parts: file processing and physical printing. Many times, with PDFs which have many layers or with complex rendering the printer can process the files in several minutes and if the files are big enough, they can easily crash. That’s why the printer has to have a good image processor to keep up with these necessities. Alfasoft can help you print large files.

A good Xerox doesn’t have to be a large printing machine. It can be an office machine, small but intelligent. Most of the small machines under 500 dollars can do the tasks just fine, taking into consideration that people tend to print a lot less. The best brand for Xerox is unsurprisingly…Xerox. Their experience in the field is huge, they’ve brought a lot of innovation to the table and they are a very solid choice if you want to solve this problem correctly.

If you just need to Xerox and you’re in Cluj Napoca I suggest you try this place. They can xerox your documents without fuss and for a very good price.