Mobile phones vs tablets

When visiting a Vodafone Dundalk company such as you might find yourself wondering whether it is a mobile phone or a tablet that will be best for your needs. Here is some brief information to help you make your decision.

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Both mobile phones and tablets run off sim cards and have the capability of making telephone calls and using internet functions. The one benefit of a mobile phone over a tablet is that you can easily use this to make calls and it is much smaller and easier to carry around than a tablet. If the device is being used by an eldelry relative in their home to do video calls you might find that a tablet would be better suited to their needs as the screen will be larger and easier for them to operate.

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As tablets and mobile phones all use the same apps it is possible to use a mobile phone for entertainment purposes but again due to tablets having a larger screen it may be best to use this if you are intending on watching lots of shows or using apps that require a lot of typing. They are very popular with those who work in media and design.

Mobile phones have an advantage over tablets when it comes to the communication functions and if you are looking for something that you can easily carry around with you in a bag. They can perform the same functions as a tablet, just on a smaller screen.