Interesting ways to name your wedding tables

There is nothing better than decorating your Kent Barn Wedding location, like ready for your big day. This can involve adding flowers and other decorations to the space as well as looking at ways in which you can decorate the tables. This will mean looking at ways in which you can decorate the top table for the wedding party as well as decorating the tables for your guests.

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Traditionally this would include having flower arrangements placed in the centre of the tables, but modern alternatives include candles and much more lavish flower arrangements. As well as looking at the decorations you will need to think about what you are going to name your tables. In some cases, you may simply just give your table numbers so your guests can find out where they are going to sit and eat.

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More interesting ways to name your table can include:

Bands – if you are a music lover you might want to think about naming the tables after your favourite bands. You could also look at naming them after songs from one band.

Films – again, if you are a movie lover, you might want to name your table after your favourite films, or after some of the actors or characters in your most loved film.

Places – if you have travelled to lots of new places as a couple you could name your tables after the best ones that you’ve visited.